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Dickson swimming pool forecourt to receive a facelift for summer

September 10, 2019

Visitors to the Dickson Pool will enjoy an exciting new outdoor space this summer as the government trials temporary improvements to the pool forecourt and works towards permanent designs for the space.

Minister for Urban Renewal Rachel Stephen-Smith said during consultation on the renewal of Section 72 the Government heard that one of the community’s top priorities was upgrading the Dickson Pool forecourt.

“In response to the feedback provided by the community, we will trial a number of improvements to revamp the Dickson pool forecourt area during summer.

“We want the forecourt to be an appealing, fun space with furniture, shade, landscaping and bike parking. We think these improvements will be great for pool visitors and local residents who use or pass through the forecourt.

“During summer we will seek community feedback on the temporary upgrades to find out what is working, how people use the space and what could be improved.

“Following this feedback, we will work with the community in early 2020 to develop a detailed design for budget consideration for permanent works in the future,” Minister Stephen-Smith said.

Chris Graham, Manager of Dickson Aquatic Centre said he was looking forward to working with the Government on this project. 

“It is fantastic that the Government will work with our community to develop a playful, yet practical place in the pool forecourt.

“We work hard on making sure that the Dickson Pool is a great place for our community to swim, relax and play. This will not only add to the experience of arriving at the pool, it will create an enjoyable space for those moving through the busy precinct,” Mr Graham said.

The forecourt work is part of the discussion around the urban renewal of Section 72 Dickson, which has seen significant community engagement over recent years.

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